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    organic-reaction (Monday, 14 February 2011 11:12)

    If you have any scientific links you want to share, please leave a comment on the page.

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    Peter Scott (Monday, 14 February 2011 14:56)

    ChemSpider SyntheticPages is a freely available interactive database of synthetic chemistry

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    Nick Greeves (Monday, 14 February 2011 16:32)

    ChemTube3D contains interactive 3D animations and structures, with supporting information for some of the most important topics covered during an undergraduate chemistry degree.

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    SynArchive (Tuesday, 12 July 2011 02:22)

    SynArchive is a free web based application that allows you to browse a growing database of organic syntheses and named organic reactions.

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    Organic Chemistry Reactions (Saturday, 23 July 2011 00:58)

    A list of organic chemistry reactions and mechanisms. From basic nomenclature to detailed substitution, elimination and addition reactions.

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    Chris Chan (Tuesday, 01 November 2011 06:55)

    Sci GM&C Company can always offer high quality products, sincere and efficient service to you, especially Phenethylamine Derivatives, Fluoro-containing intermediates, APIs and heterocyclic compounds such as pyridine series, indole series, azetidine series, pyrrolidine series, piperidine series, piperazine series, pyrimidine series, tetrahydropyran series, aziridine series.

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    Ildi (Thursday, 03 November 2011 15:09)

    Free to try flow chemistry database

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    Abdallah HAMZE (Thursday, 10 November 2011 16:40)

    Please can you add this link to your links in organic reactions and synthetic problems:
    A list of organic chemistry problems and solutions.
    contributions from Students in Paris 11 University.
    animation by Dr. Abdallah HAMZE

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    Nico wlo (Wednesday, 23 November 2011 10:05)

    You can this website!
    There are many synthesis of drugs and natural products.

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    Darren Sugrue (Wednesday, 04 January 2012 12:01)

    I just wanted to mention (if I may), that we are now in the final month for the call for abstracts for the 13th Tetrahedron Symposium [focussing on the Challenges in Bioorganic & Organic Medicinal Chemistry], that will take place in Amsterdam later this year. The closing date for Abstracts is 3rd Feb 2012. Many thanks, Darren

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    DR ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO (Monday, 23 January 2012 16:44)

    This site is a must read site for organic chemists, great effort by Dr Guillaume

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    Santos (Friday, 24 February 2012 23:22) is a website of nanotechnology resources and information.

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    nirav shah (Tuesday, 06 March 2012 14:39)

    a gift for organic and medicinal chemist, great effort by team of
    congratulations to all team members to make this website so much useful and updated everyweek.

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    Aditya (Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:07)

    It is a chemistry website. Helping novice to advanced learners. You can find a section devoted to organic chemistry.

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    Christian Devigny (Tuesday, 19 June 2012 13:38)

    Your webpage is an excellent ressource for medicinal chemists, great job and many thanks!!

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    chetan vekaria (Tuesday, 10 July 2012 19:16)
    this site is very good for 3D animation of human body
    also very good for medicinal students

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    DR ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO (Tuesday, 07 August 2012 05:37)

    This site is a great gift for organic chemists, great effort by the team of and
    congratulations to all who help to continously update it

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    Mohamad tadayon Nejad (Thursday, 30 August 2012 20:09)

    I'm a ph.d student in tums Iran , this collection
    of chemistry basicaly data, are best kinde
    I see.
    tank you.

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    Mohamed Fathi SAFFAR (Friday, 30 November 2012 19:12)

    Friday,November 30,2012
    Dearest Friend Anthony ,
    Thanks for your kind attention & invite to join your group ........Just after joining ,I discovered your amazing site ...I feel flying , dreaming ,....
    I would necer find the right words to thank you +++ You made a miracle my friend , It's a treasure , & I feel I'm going to be addicted to .... I would spent thousands of hours to see everything ...This is going to be my reference tool in my strugle to go to back to basics in order to improve & update my skills !!!! I would just say that you are great Dear friend !!!! You're simply stunning , friend +++
    Thank you for crossing my way+++
    gratefully yours,

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    Steve Henderson (Friday, 22 February 2013 02:34)

    It's a new website with some useful synthetic chemistry info (

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