WO2010007427 Pyrimidyl sulfonamide derivative and its use for the treatment of chemokine mediated diseases

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Steps Conditions Reactions
a MeMgBr / Et2O Ketone synthesis (Grignard reaction)
b NaBH(OAc)3 / ACN Secondary amine synthesis (reductive amination)
c H2 / Boc2O / Pd(OH)2 / IMS  N-Benzyl deprotection / Boc protection
d 4N HCl / dioxane  Boc deprotection                  
Steps Conditions Reactions
a H2 / Pd(OH)2 / IMS N-Benzyl deprotection
b NaHCO3 / ACN Secondary amine synthesis (nucleophilic substitution)
c Pd2(dba)3 / X-Phos / Cs2CO3 / dioxane Buchwald-hartwig amination
d APTS / MeOH 1,3-dioxane deprotection