Roche Patents

- WO2010020548 GLYT1 receptor antagonists



- WO2010026110 6-substituted benzoxazines


- WO2010043515 diazonium-free method to make an indazole intermediate in the synthesis of bicyclic 5-(trifluormethoxy)-1H-3-indazolecarboxylic acid amides



- WO2010043513 New benzimidazole derivatives



- WO2010018112 Monoaryl aminotetralines



- WO2010018113 Bi-aryl aminotetralines


- WO2010026075 Pyridine derivatives as inhibitors of HIV-I reverse transcriptase



- WO2010046273 Pyrimidinyl pyridone inhibitors of JNK


- WO2010031708 Novel ortho-anilinoanilides for the treatment of cancer


- WO2010034656 WO2010034656 Isoxazolo[4,5]pyridin-3-yl-piperazin derivatives useful as modulators of dopamine D3 receptors


- WO2010040661 Modulators for amyloid beta


- WO2010040663 Pyrrolidine N-Benzyl derivatives

- WO2010054968 Quinazoline derivatives as NK3 receptor antagonists

- WO2010057795 Alkylcyclohexylethers of dihyotetraazabenzoazulenes

- WO2010063634 Pyrrolopyrazinyl urea kinase inhibitors

- WO2010055004

- WO2010055005

- WO2010055006

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